Ask 20 people how to define the music of New Orleans and you’ll get 30 answers. It could be jazz, funk, soul, Creole, Cajun, or gospel, Caribbean, African, Zydeco, rock or the chants and stirring rhythms of Mardi Gras Indians. 

New Orleans native, and Oakland's own "Queen of New Orleans Music", MICHELLE JACQUES along some "very special friends" take all of these influences and a few more, and stir it into this stewpot of musical gumbo that is sweet, spicy, aromatic and definitely intoxicating. 

CHELLE! and Friends is made up of some of the most distinguished and accomplished musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. CHELLE! And Friends perform music that is vibrant and alive with the driving voices of artistic director and founder, Oakland's "Queen of New Orleans Music" MICHELLE JACQUES, RHONDA CRANE, JAY LAMONT and BRYAN DYER, DONNA VISCUSO and ERIC SWINDERMAN on guitar, KEVIN SCOTT on bass and Tba on drums.



"Whether leading a children¹s Mardi Gras parade or headlining the 'Queens of New Orleans" Music Festival, CHELLE! & Friends’ blend of music delights audiences of all ages."

Linda Lucero
Yerba Buena Gardens
"Chelle has put together a dream team of accomplished performers. This group completely rocks! They've been a hit every time we've worked together."

Russ Jennings, 
Soul Productions
  “This is spiritual gospel fused with Caribbean rhythms - A Cajun mix of spicy vocals that will make you dance, sing and give you chills that lift your spirit! This is one of my favorite performing groups in the Bay Area!”

Stephanie Dalton
Urban Music News
"We hope you had a great Valentines Day. Last weekend was definitely memorable according to Toliver, Rupak and Tenere.  Both nights were packed …and CHELLE and Friends called out all the spirits last Saturday night. One member was so overcome, she bought 16 memberships for all her friends that night. Birdland has that effect sometimes on membirds. But 16 memberships???, That's off the Birdland radar. And another that night offered Birdland another baby grand piano. That's cray cray."

Michael Parayno, Birdland




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